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mrs. dan archibald | nikkiiiasgmbdddaaaagggghhh ♥
26 October
nikki ☂;
Twenty-six. INFJ. Nerdfighter. Television Addict. Hufflepuff. Fangirl. Bookworm. ♥
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2 Broke Girls. Arrow. Astronaut Wives Club. Baby Daddy. Beauty and the Beast. Bitten. Bones. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Castle. Chasing Life. Chicago Fire. Chicago PD. Community. Criminal Minds. CSI: Cyber. Degrassi. Elementary. Extant. Finding Carter. Game of Thrones. Gotham. Graceland. Grey's Anatomy. Grimm. Hannibal. Hawaii Five-0. How to Get Away with Murder. iZombie. Jane the Virgin. Last Man Standing. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Melissa and Joey. Modern Family. Mom. Motive. Mr. Robot. New Girl. Once Upon a Time. Orphan Black. Pretty Little Liars. Reign. Rookie Blue. Royal Pains. Saving Hope. Scorpion. Scream. Secrets and Lies. Sherlock. Sleepy Hollow. Stitchers. Suits. Supernatural. Switched at Birth. Teen Wolf. The 100. The Big Bang Theory. The Flash. The Fosters. The Goldbergs. The Mindy Project. The Mysteries of Laura. The Night Shift. The Originals. The Vampire Diaries. The Whispers. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Under the Dome. Unforgettable. Wayward Pines. Young & Hungry. America’s Got Talent. America’s Next Top Model. Big Brother US & Canada. Project Runway. So You Think You Can Dance. Survivor. The Amazing Race. The Sing-Off. The Voice UK & US.
off air;
1600 Penn. A Gifted Man. About a Boy. Almost Human. Alphas. Angel. Animal Practice. Animorphs. Arrested Development. Awake. Back in the Game. Battle Creek. Believe. Ben and Kate. Betrayal. Boy Meets World. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Burn Notice. Chuck. Common Law. Constantine. Cougar Town. Crisis. CSI. Cult. Dawson’s Creek. Dads. Deception. Do No Harm. Dollhouse. Dracula. Eleventh Hour. Emily Owens, MD. Enlisted. Firefly. Forever. Friday Night Lights. Friends. Friends With Better Lives. Fringe. Gilmore Girls. Glee. Go On. Gossip Girl. Greek. Happy Endings. Hart of Dixie. Hellcats. Heroes. Hostages. House. How I Met Your Mother. Instant Star. Intelligence. Kyle XY. Lie to Me. Life Unexpected. LOST. Lucky 7. Make It or Break It. Man Up. Mind Games. Moonlight. Nikita. No Ordinary Family. Numb3rs. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. One Tree Hill. Parenthood. Parks & Rec. Partners. Prime Suspect. Private Practice. Psych. Pushing Daisies. Queer as Folk. Raising Hope. Ravenswood. Reaper. Red Band Society. Resurrection. Revenge. Revolution. Roswell. Sean Saves the World. Scrubs. Secret Life of the American Teenager. Stalker. Star-Crossed. Suburgatory. Super Fun Night. The Carrie Diaries. The Crazy Ones. The Following. The Goodwin Games. The Lying Game. The Michael J. Fox Show. The Millers. The New Normal. The O.C.. The Office. The Secret Circle. The Tomorrow People. Trophy Wife. True Blood. Twisted. Up All Night. Veronica Mars. We Are Men. Welcome to the Family. White Collar. Wildfire. America’s Best Dance Crew. Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. The Hunger Games.
Max/Deke {2 Broke Girls}; Oliver/Laurel, Thea/Roy, Felicity/Barry {Arrow}; Ben/Riley {Baby Daddy}; Vincent/Catherine {Beauty and the Beast}; Elena/Clay, Logan/Rachel {Bitten}; Angela/Hodgins, Booth/Brennan {Bones}; Jake/Amy {Brooklyn Nine-Nine}; Castle/Beckett, Ryan/Esposito {Castle}; April/Leo {Chasing Life}; Matt/Gabby {Chicago Fire}; Erin/Jay, Adam/Kim {Chicago PD}; Troy/Abed, Jeff/Britta {Community}; Clare/Eli {Degrassi}; Joan/Sherlock {Elementary}; Max/Taylor, Carter/Gabe {Finding Carter}; Meredith/Derek, Jackson/April, Jo/Alex, Callie/Arizona, Mark/Lexie, Owen/Cristina, Teddy/Henry, Bailey/Ben, George/Izzie, Alex/Izzie {Grey's Anatomy}; Nick/Monroe {Grimm}; Steve/Danny {Hawaii Five-0}; Liv/Major {iZombie}; Jane/Rafael, Xo/Rogelio {Jane the Virgin}; Fitz/Simmons, Skye/Ward {Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.}; Melissa/Joey {Melissa and Joey}; Schmidt/Cece {New Girl}; Emma/Neal, Charming/Snow, Ruby/Belle {Once Upon a Time}; Helena/food, Alison/scissors {Orphan Black}; Hanna/Caleb, Spencer/Toby, Hanna/Caleb/Lucas, Ezra/Aria {Pretty Little Liars}; Francis/Mary, Leith/Greer, Bash/Kenna {Reign}; Sam/Andy, Dov/Chloe, Jerry/Traci {Rookie Blue}; Divya/Jeremiah, Hank/Jill {Royal Pains}; Walter/Paige, Toby/Happy {Scorpion}; Sherlock/John {Sherlock}; Kirsten/Cameron {Stitchers}; Harvey/Mike {Suits}; Bay/Emmett {Switched at Birth}; Derek/Stiles, Allison/Lydia, Lydia/Cora, Danny/Ethan, Scott/Allison, Scott/Isaac, Scott/Allison/Isaac, Jackson/Lydia {Teen Wolf}; Clarke/Finn, Octavia/Lincoln {The 100}; Raj/Howard, Penny/Leonard {The Big Bang Theory}; Jude/Connor, Brandon/Callie {The Fosters}; Erin/Raul {The Messengers}; Mindy/Danny {The Mindy Project}; Jake/Laura {The Mysteries of Laura}; TC/Jordan, Drew/Rick {The Night Shift}; Rebekah/Hayley, Elijah/Hayley, Rebekah/Marcel {The Originals}; Kai/pork rinds, Elena/Stefan, Caroline/Katherine, Damon/Alaric, Tyler/Caroline, Katherine/Elijah, Jeremy/Anna {The Vampire Diaries}; Barbie/Julia, Joe/Norrie {Under the Dome}; Carrie/Al {Unforgettable}; Gabi/Josh {Young & Hungry}; John/Dorian {Almost Human}; Rachel/Steve {Alphas}; Rachel/Tobias, Jake/Cassie, Marco/Ax {Animorphs}; Jack/Sara {Betrayal}; Shawn/Cory, Cory/Topanga {Boy Meets World}; Angel/Buffy {Buffy the Vampire Slayer}; Michael/Fiona {Burn Notice}; Chuck/Sarah {Chuck}; Travis/Wes {Common Law}; Travis/Laurie {Cougar Town}; Nick/Greg, Hodges/Morgan, Grissom/Sara, Warrick/Catherine {CSI}; Jeff/Skye {Cult}; Joey/Pacey {Dawson's Creek}; Echo/Paul, Victor/Sierra {Dollhouse}; Dracula/Mina {Dracula}; Emily/Micah {Emily Owens, MD}; Henry/Jo {Forever}; Matt/Julie, Luke/Becky, Landry/Tyra, Tim/Lyla, Eric/Tami {Friday Night Lights}; Monica/Chandler, Ross/Rachel {Friends}; Peter/Olivia, Lincoln Lee/Alt!Livia {Fringe}; Luke/Lorelei, Rory/Logan {Gilmore Girls}; Kurt/Blaine, Rachel/Finn, Marley/Jake {Glee}; Chuck/Blair, Dan/Nate {Gossip Girl}; Cappie/Casey {Greek}; Alex/Dave, Max/Grant, Jane/Brad {Happy Endings}; Lavon/Lemon {Hart of Dixie}; Marti/Julian, Marti/Dan, Dan/Savannah {Hellcats}; Mohinder/Sylar {Heroes}; House/Wilson {House}; Lilypad/Marshmallow, Ted/Happiness {How I Met Your Mother}; Kyle/Amanda, Lori/Declan, Josh/Andy {Kyle XY}; Jude/Tommy, Wally/Kyle, Sadie/Kwest, Spiederman/Karma, Jamie/Zep {Instant Star}; Gabriel/Riley {Intelligence}; Cal/Gillian, Eli/Ria {Lie to Me}; Lux/Eric, Cate/Baze {Life Unexpected}; Jack/Kate, Charlie/Claire, Bernard/Rose, Des/Penny, Sawyer/Juliet, Jin/Sun {LOST}; Payson/Rigo, Kaylie/Austin {Make It or Break It}; Merlin/Arthur {Merlin}; Mick/Beth {Moonlight}; Nikita/Michael, Alex/Sean {Nikita}; Daphne/Chris, Katie/Watcher {No Ordinary Family}; Charlie/Amita, Larry/Megan, David/Colby, Don/Liz {Numb3rs}; Will/Anastasia {Once Upon a Time in Wonderland}; Nathan/Haley, Brooke/Julian, Mouth/Millie {One Tree Hill}; Ben/Leslie, April/Andy {Parks & Rec}; Cooper/Charlotte, Jake/Addison {Private Practice}; Shawn/Juliet {Psych}; Ned/Chuck {Pushing Daisies}; Brian/Justin, Michael/Ben {Queer as Folk}; Hanna/Caleb, Luke/Remy {Ravenswood}; Kara/Hunter {Red Band Society}; Tom/Rachel {Resurrection}; Emily/Jack, Charlotte/Declan {Revenge}; Charlie/Jason, Miles/Bas {Revolution}; Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Isabel/Alex {Roswell}; Ben/Amy, Ricky/Adrian {Secret Life of the American Teenager}; Beth/Jack {Stalker}; Roman/Emery, Drake/Taylor {Star-Crossed}; George/Dallas, Tessa/Ryan, Lisa/Malik {Suburgatory}; Kimmie/Richard {Super Fun Night}; Carrie/Sebastian, Walt/Bennet, Mouse/West {The Carrie Diaries}; Max/Mike {The Following}; Emma/Ethan {The Lying Game}; David/Bryan {The New Normal}; Seth/Summer, Ryan/Taylor {The O.C.}; Jim/Pam, Dwight/Angela, Andy/Erin {The Office}; Cassie/Adam, Nick/Melissa, Faye/Jake, Faye/Melissa, Diana/Grant {The Secret Circle}; Stephen/Cara {The Tomorrow People}; Bill/Sookie, Lafayette/James, Sookie/Eric, Lafayette/Jesus, Eric/Godric {True Blood}; Danny/Jo, Rico/Jo {Twisted}; Veronica/Logan {Veronica Mars}; Neal/Peter {White Collar}; Kris/Junior {Wildfire}; Remus/Sirius, Ron/Hermione, Snape/Lily {Harry Potter}; Aragorn/Legolas, Frodo/Sam, Merry/Pippin {Lord of the Rings}; Katniss/Peeta {The Hunger Games}.

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